Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Comcastic!

Today, Tubba was researching stocks and trading t-bonds like Ellen hits on chicks, like white people hate on ebonics, or like Tubba offends delicate racial relationships.

Anyway, I came across this little piece of news: Comcast is rebranding its service pack to 'Xfinity'

This can only be a sign of pure intellectual and fiscal confidence, brought to you by doughy white people and part of a long history of low EQ individuals putting X in front of, or behind real words. For example: The X-Files, X-Ray, Xzibit (a.k.a. Alvin Nathaniel Joiner), XMas, X's and O's, Xbox, XM Radio, Malcolm X, X Factor, FX, Xstream, Xstreet, XGames, XFL Football League (now licensed in Japan), and Xtina just to name a few.

This decision by Comcast is Comtastic for Tubba. While their customer service reps are xplaining to confused customers that they aren't suddenly being billed for an Asian luxury car, or that their child/husband didn't purchase adult entertainment, I'll be hunting them like a lion stalks a sick baby gazelle. That is to say, in the tall grasses and at a low purr.

Tubba is supportive and thus has created a few new X-Words for the mix.

1.) Xraq: Because even that troubled new nation needs a rebranding effort

2.) Xocrat: Because after Scott Brown made sweet love to the Democrats Masshole they need a new platform

3.) Xpanda: Because I promised Mi-ling I would help him find a panda mate to soothe the throbing

4.) X-go-fuck-yourself, Comcast



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